Wednesday, October 1, 2008

paris spring/summer 2009 - tao

just like her mentor rei kawakubo, tao kurihara has a knack of re-interpreting traditional notions of western dress into something familiar, yet new at the same time. taking inspiration from scottish highlands, british army uniforms, liberty prints, and equestrian, kurihara managed to present a condusive collection despite the plethora of inconsistent inspirations. she managed to accomplish this almost impossible feat by never taking her inspirations too literally. and also she possesses the talent to mix inspirations in the most modern way. a trait that is so prolific to her generation who is so heavily inspired by DIY street culture. as a japanese designer showing in paris, kurihara has an outsider's eye able to view the western world without any bias or precondition. she is free to interpret any way she wants. and to be able to regurgitate old ideas into something modern, acquianted, and wearable at the same time seems to indicate that just like kawakubo and her comme des garcon brother junya watanabe, she also has an illustrious future ahead of her.


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