Wednesday, October 15, 2008

christy turlington

if there ever was an archetype for the perfect face, my vote goes to christy turlington. yes one of her eye is slightly bigger than the other but considering she has the most perfectly symmetric nose, razor sharp cheekbones, and those perpetually pursed lips that when opens up reveals a smile that can make a man out of miss jay alexander, its no wonder that mannequins from the metropolitan museum of art in new york city were molded with her pristine face. oh, that would also explain why she has landed on the cover of more than five hundred magazines and amassed her a fortune by scoring seven figure contracts from calvin klein and maybeline. but its not her physical beauty that deserves a shout out, its her massive heart. not only is she constantly regarded by people in the fashion industry as the nicest girl to ever have lived, she has also lent her fame to such causes for PETA, anti-smoking, and most recently project RED with her homeboy bono of u2 fame. she retired from the catlwalk in 1994 and since she's not only beautiful with a big heart, she's is also quite the brainiac and decided to go back to NYU and get a degree in comperative religion and eastern philosophy. a long time yoga practitioner, christy has launched her own yoga based clothing line called nuala in partnership with puma, released a yoga book, and launched a skin care line all based on the principles of the ancient practice. all that zen in her life even though she has two kids running around now probably explains why even as she gets older, she get more and more babelicious. beauty, brains, a heart...i love christy turlington.

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Catherine said...

I love Christy too! She's easily one of my favorite people to draw and consequently is the next subject of a 100 sketches challenge. Ah, Christy. She's just glorious. ;)