Monday, October 6, 2008

paris spring/summer 2009 - louis vuitton

there comes a time in everyone's life, when all our chips are down and everything seems like its about to fall apart, that we find the courage to get up, put our best face forward, throw on our favorite clothes, and head out the door and have the time of our lives. that was the feeling marc jacobs managed to evoke for his latest collection for louis vuitton. a pefect ending after a month long season of shows where optimism was the ubiquitous buzzword while the failing economy occupied everyone's mind. it is within this atmosphere of uncertainty that jacobs delivered one of his most accomplished collection ever for the house. perhaps finding the strength to triumph over his much publicized substance abuse battle, the silver lining he found at the end of that dark road ignited the euphoric spirit that he first displayed with his own collection in new york almost a month earlier. for vuitton, the merging of luxury and joie de vivre that was so rich, buoyant, and so uncompromisingly and assertively jubilant despite an uncertain future, one couldn't help but be swept away by the promise of beauty that jacobs proposed for next season. everything about this collection wasn't about constraint or severity. it's optimism lied in its total freedom of expression. where dresses that channeled the spirit of lacroix in the eighties, mixed freely with african inspired jewelry, brocade mini skirts, feather trimmings, satin pajama pants, and a face painted like a woman with a mission. just like his eponymous collection, jacobs is beginning to master the art of amalgamating such disparate ideas into one cohesive vision. and this season, his vision was the strongest weapon fashion has in the war that will be waged on the sales floor come spring. my bet goes to jacobs.


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