Monday, October 20, 2008

CDG countdown

only less than a month left till the comme des garcons and h&m collaboration comes out. and just like all the designer collaborations that came before it, expect to see it everywhere in all your monthly glossies. this particular one is from the november issue of vogue nippon starring her hotness herself erin wasson who self styled this story and was shot by david mushegai. i'm super excited for this one because i fucking HATED the roberto cavalli one from last year. if you ask me the roberto cavalli collection looked like something you can find at any tacky guess or marciano stores anyways. but of course people went ape shit for it because most people ain't got no steez anyways. while this collection isn't as commercial as the cavalli one, i'm still pretty sure that the day this collection comes out h&m is going to be fucking retarded. trust me, i've seen it first hand, twice actually, and bitches are crazy. i'm gonna do the smart thing, i'm just gonna wait till someone returns the drop crotch shorts and assymetric cardigan that i've already saved room in my closet for because trust me, more than half gets returned when people finally realize that they just got caught in the moment and they spent way way way too much money.

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mond said...

oh i heard iffy things about the clothes from some girls,
but this is styled pretty well