Friday, October 31, 2008

are you afraid of the dark

well you ain't gonna be scared of boogie monsters anymore if you got this little chap to keep all those nasty goblins and imps away. i found out about this genius of an invention from kanye's blog (don't hate because its actually pretty fuckin' rad) and i was so smitten by it. i really really really want one for our living room because i must admit, my living room is lookin pretty dope since its finally clutter free and all the poster art, and wallpaper on the wall my amazing roomate did is finally up. not to mention we scored a couch, and a television courtesy of my parental units and also an amazing horizontal bookshelf and desk courtesy of someone's garbage. anyways, back to the night light. it was made by the play coalition from england and i actually just e-mailed them to see if it was in production and available to be sold. now i'm just hoping and praying that it is and that it doesn't cost a jillion dollars because that would break my heart.

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