Tuesday, October 28, 2008

alexander mcqueen - fall/winter 2008 ad campaign

okay i know i'm kinda late posting about this because this ad came out almost two months ago but i don't give a shit because seriously asides from the ysl campaign starring naomi and her stupidly perfect body, this campaign season was pretty lame. that is until mcqueen came out with this amazingness late out in the game. the reason i love this campaign is because it represents how dope of a story teller mcqueen is. it has that romantic, gothic, fairy tale, and historical aspect that is present in all his runway presentation and these pictures evokes the same feeling. although i should also give props to craig mcdean who shot the ads and to tabitha simmons who was the creative director. oh and also alice gibb as being the most perfect model to represent a brand through an ad campaign for fall/winter 2008. however i am quite mad at lee for not using her again for his most recent show. but whatevs, this still gets my vote as the top ad campaign of the season.

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Bobble Bee said...

Boudicca queen, here we are! or that's what these ads remind me of... love these ads myself.