Wednesday, June 25, 2008

santo gold


so i'm like completely enthralled by this girl. i'm sure y'all heard about her already and the incessant m.i.a. comparisons, but seriously, this girl is off the heezy and she is not m.i.a.'s doppelganger. fine they kinda dress alike, but seriously, half the girl at see at parties share the same steez so comparing her to someone else for that reason is bollocks. actually i think she reminds me more of one of my favorite singers of all time, homegirl res who like santo is also from the city of brotherly love and they're friends to boot. like res, santo's got that soulfulness about her even though her songs can't really be described as popular "black" music. i guess what makes her similar from m.i.a. is that both women are musical alchemists. they throw all their musical influences and cook them into something thats totally their own. fine i think the music video of l.e.s. artist is not the greatest but the song is fucking bananas.

p.s. its gay christmas (pride) here in toronto so if i'm slow with the posts its because its the time of year that i allow myself to venture into the gaybourhood. but rest assured your boy roybot won't be taking off his shirt dancing to diva house to the sounds of david morales. no. i'll be walking around with my posse with a water bottle in my hand filled with vodka. don't worry i'll take pictures.

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Adge said...

I'm actually a big fan of Santogold. L.E.S Artiste is definitely my song for the summer.