Wednesday, June 25, 2008

marni - menswear spring/summer 2009

if the success of marni can be deduced into one single word, i think that word would be "charm". the honesty of the marni vision, a vision so original and heartfelt is the great starting point of the brand. in an industry where most are trying to keep up with the trends to satisfy their customers and to attract new ones, marni is an oddity because it never detours from its path and has evolved slowly, steadfastly, and rigorously into a house that invites new customers in without any ad campaigns. which in this age of media overload is quite a remarkable achievment. the unwavering support of its clientel has become the company's strongest advertising tool. and in a few short seasons since starting a menswear branch, marni has accumulated a following for men who, like his female counterpart, appreciates a little bit of quirk in his wardrobe. for spring/summer 2009, consuelo castiglioni presented a collection that was rich in volume. borrowing from classic couture cuts and interpreted on men's shirts and jackets, castiglioni managed to inject a bit of lightness on the sometimes rigid world of menswear. the slopped shoulders and the generous movement of the fabric was balanced by a slim trousers that anchored all the movement at the top firmly to the ground. despite the boyish naivete of the clothes, the strong tailoring and the relaxed feel of the clothes is certainly one that can be admired by men all across the age bracket.


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