Monday, June 23, 2008

versace - men's spring/summer 2009

the cleansing of the house of versace continues with the most recent presentation of its menswear collection for spring/summer 2009. since ex cloak designer alexandre plokhov got on board as co-collaborator, the menswear line has erased the old frivolity that attached itself to the label and what was then a questionable masculinity, is now, under the guidance of plokhov, a robust example of male sensuality. the plokhov trademark of combining futurism, military, industrialism, and a little bit of goth was spiced up this season by way of early eighties new wave. asymmetric jacket closures and strong sharp cuts were paired with traditional versace staples such as fluid tops in cottons and silks and immaculately cut blazers and trousers. providing the collection with a distinct luxury that the house has been celebrated for. like a parody for versace's womens wear label, the menswear branch of the house is in many ways being born again. the over the top image of versace under gianni's direction might have propelled the brand into international status, in order for it to move forward it can't rest on those laurels alone. times have changed and the glitz of vintage versace would be out of place during these more sensitive times. the brilliance of donatella and santo is to realize the immediate need for change and to use the talents of someone like plokhov to rejuvinate the brand assures that the legacy of the versace name is just beginning to add the next chapter to its illustrious history.


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