Sunday, June 8, 2008

daria werbowy

there have been many great models to come out of the two thousands. gemma ward, natalia vodianova, raquel zimmerman. as great as those girls are and i am a massive fan of all of them, my bet for model of the decade goes to none other than daria werbowy. the girl who was the face of prada, dior, chanel, versace, roberto cavalli, yves saint laurent, missoni, louis vuitton gucci and valentino (whew!) just to name a few, and is rumored to have opened the most show of any model ever. but honestly, have you seen how insanely bananas her body is?? and how her face is the most perfectly symmetrical one since the pristine christy turlington? why this girl isn't plastered on the walls of teen age boys' bedroom everywhere i have no fucking idea. well maybe thats why i dig her so much because she's not over exposed. even though she was one of forbes magazine top ten highest earning models of 2007 raking in 3.5 million dollars. i think it'll take me about 3.5 million paycheques to make that amount of money in my whole lifetime. but i can't be mad at the girl because not only is she basically the planet's wet dream made into flesh she is also a humanitarian with a heart as big as her big blue eyes. she recently launched her own line of cosmetics with lancome who she represents, with a portion of the profits going towards a charity organization that promotes art to under privileged kids in brazil. u can't hate the girl for being physically close to perfection because the girl has a good heart. instead of attending parties with free booze spilling everywhere, homegirl insteads, prefer to hit the slopes with her snowboard or sailing the seven seas. and you know what else is so good about her....she's canadian. and you know what else, she came into my work once a long time ago and i was helping her look for jeans and she was the nicest girl ever. that was one of the highlights of my retail life and i ain't ashamed to say it.

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