Wednesday, June 11, 2008

prada - resort 2009

a resort collection isn't where one finds the most directional ideas of the year. it is by and large where designers present clothes that is more commercial in purpose rather than proposing new ideas. even miuccia prada, the leader of cerebral fashion recognizes that. in typical prada form however, she was still able to combine all her quirky trademarks and athletic influences into a collection that was dripping in sophistication and luxury without having any banality. being one of the loudest voices of minimalism in the nineties, the new millennium has seen prada toy with the idea of decoration more than once. in the fall of 2004, she presented a collection lavished with ornamentation and as a result started one of the biggest trend of that year. she revisited that idea again this year with her resort collection. albeit more toned down that she previously showed, where embroidery were mostly limited to areas close to the face to give it a frame. and in true prada form, the unexpected use of jewelry augmented the theme of the collection. door knocker sized ear rings with a matching necklace came out with almost every look. perhaps keeping with the tradition of resort dressing, prada allowed some frivolity to seep into her collection. the ideas, however tame, was still enough to assure that the prada creative machine shows no signs of slowing down.

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Adge said...

Actually, ( and I'm well aware that I'm in the minority on this one) I wasn't the biggest fan of Prada's Fall '08 collection. All that lace seemed a little ... well let's just say it wasn't to my taste. But Prada's resort collection, I find, I can appreciate a little more, though definitely, as you have already pointed out, not the most imaginative ( I think that prize goes to Marc Jacobs) or trend-setting.