Sunday, June 15, 2008

rainy sunday

its pouring cats and dogs outside right now. i'm not the biggest fan of rain, but i fucking love it on sundays because that means i'm not at work and i've most likely have done nothing but lie on my bed and watch old cartoons all day. i'm not implying that my sundays are strictly reserved for being lazy. sundays are also brilliant for eggs benedict, yummy dim sum, lying on the grass at the park drinking beers, and bike dates. today however, obviously because of the torrential downpour, any attempt to do any outdoor activities would have been retarded. since i really have no fucking clue what to talk about, i figured i'll let y'all have a little peek on roybot's life. don't expect something grand and glamorous because i am a broke motherfucker and you wont find any pictures of exotic destinations or expensive clothes. its basically just pictures of my crib and little snapshots of toronto. it might not be extravagant, but i have no complains.

and this is how i get around the city. yes the back tire is flat because some idiot left broken glass all over the road. and mind you i got that flat tire at 6:40 in the morning when i was on my way to work. needless to say, i was so not impressed.

well there you have it. a sneek peek into my life. i know its not much, but i dig it. but a hundred grand in my bank account will certainly make me a lot happier.


Adge said...

I love those two monster/blob pillows (?), and the pics of good ol' T.O. Makes me miss my home town, plus shots of Honest Ed's always tugs at one's heart strings.

ryan said...

I'm absolutely terrified of early morning flat tires.. I'll take it in the evening and deal with the long walk home, but morning flats.. ughh

roybot said...

they actually aren't pillows. they're these little plush vinyl dolls that when you press their tummy they say really really dirty things. and whats worse than morning bike flats is when you're down to your last ten bucks and you end up having to spend six bucks on public transportation. thats was how bad that morning was for me.

Bobble Bee said...

you're not gonna believe it but we have ALMOST the same bike... im gonna take a picture tomorrow and publish it and you will see!
wow :)

btw, i loved this post