Friday, June 20, 2008

danny beauchamp

okay i love this boy only because i am a big fan of shit disturbers. he kinda reminds me of my friend rico who is not only one of the most devilishly mischievous and funny people i know, but also has flawless skin that i am always retardedly jealous of. my favorite people in the world are the ones i can get rowdy with and pour beer at random people for shits and giggles and i think danny is one of those boys who can appreciate the satisfaction of having a good ol' time. i mean i'm not a bad person or anything, but throwing an empty beer bottle across a crowded dance floor every now and then is always super fun (not that i do it mind you, but i think about it a lot). and after partying with english lads a few times in my life, i can honestly say that the trouble i get into the next day is soooo worth it. those are the kinda people i would like to hang out with. he probably rides a bmx. and if he does, then he can join mine and bobblebee's bike gang. that would be so awesome. and combine that with a killer bone structure, he's a like a high school crush on walking rohypnol.

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ryan said...

I'm throwing in my vote for creating the first fashion conscious BMX gang. My only two visits to Toronto were because of BMX. Can't say I've been daring enough to toss any bottles across a dance floor, but have smashed up a few bum house parties over the years.