Monday, June 23, 2008

prada - men's spring/summer 2009

a prada show is always a cauldron bubbling up with new ideas. and working within the stricter parameters of menswear, the intellectual accent becomes even more pronounced. miuccia prada has always played with gender ambiguity. from having her models parade down the runway in tutus for her last fall collection, to exposing the fragile neckline and midriffs of the boys in her most recent spring collection wrapped in a-line coats that suspended around their necks like a utilitarian balenciaga. exploring the tension between utility and luxury is a persistent prada theme, but confined to the limits of the mens wardrobe, the delivery of her idea becomes confusing at first, and after over a week of processing the collection, it becomes surprisingly obvious. as if it does make perfect sense to throw your jacket across your shoulders like a backpack rather than carrying it around and limiting the use of your hands. a prada presentation might not be the most easy show to digest. but once its hanging on the racks of stores and all distractions and complex ideas behind the garments are gone, then all the customer sees are beautifully constructed clothes that makes perfect sense to their lifestyle. and if that fails, then the accessories, the backbone of the prada empire, is the one who gets to pull the wallet out.


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