Tuesday, June 17, 2008

the colours got me dazed and confused

dazed and confused: june 2008
photographer: josh olins
stylist: joanna schlenzka
model: alana zimmer

well i'm going to have to add another ten bones to my already massive magazine monthly allowance because i think i'm going to have to steal another milk crate to store the future dazed and confused issues i'm going to purchase. i have a couple of them already i've picked up through the years, but it was never one of those that i would buy and wait for religiously like french vogue or another man. since my magazine obsession is getting way out of control, i figured one more wouldn't really hurt the good ol' money clip. plus the fact that dazed and confused have a lot of lesser known photographers like josh olins whose work i dont get to see as much is an added bonus. thankfully for the boys and gals at dazed, i got to see the acid bright colours he took of yet another canadian babe, miss alana zimmer, styled by a person who i never heard of before so i was double super stoked. then again, nicholas formichetti is the artistic director of this magazine so it was bound to be stupendous. the only con is that just like i-d and french vogue, it also comes a month late here in the cold white north. whatevs.


ryan said...

Dazed is like a random treat here for some reason.. I just won't see it for months at a time, and then out of the blue a few issues will show up.

Found the May issue last week, and was standing in the store debating whether I wanted to eat, or buy the issue. Food prevailed, so I'll have to keep my eyes open for June now.

roybot said...

trust me, if its available in toronto i'm pretty sure it MUST be available wherever u are. and when it comes to food or magazines, i have no problem eating mr. noodles for a few days. especially when they're only four for a dollar at my corner dollar store.

ryan said...

Oh trust me when I say Toronto is much more on top culturally then Sacramento is. This new shop has a good selection though, so I'm hoping the quality of magazines available to me will be much more consistent now. Which may or may not be good thing for my wallet. I see more noddles in my future ;-)

roybot said...

mr. noodles is a blank canvas...add a few onions, tomatos, some soy sauce and mushrooms, then its a gourmet feast on a budget. plus eating them with chop sticks ups the sophisticated ante.

Fenke said...

wow - the colours truly are amazing! though it all looks very familiar... mh.