Thursday, June 5, 2008

a date with hans christian anderson???

best news ever. yesterday i got two amazing e-mails. first which is probably the best e-mail i've ever gotten was from the danish fashion institute. at first i thought it was just another one of those mail from fashion headhunters which i signed up for before when i was unemployed and desperately needed a job. yes they have a lot of positions, unfortunately they were all not in my country. so anyways i usually delete these e-mails without reading them but because of my current danish obsession i opened it to see if someone like henrik vibskov was looking for interns. but lo and behold it was this dude who works for copenhagen fashion week telling me that he read my entry about copenhagen fashion week. he also mentioned that he saw the entry from and the shout out that website gave me. so apparently copenhagen is big on inviting bloggers to their show because like most forward thinking societies, the danes have woken up to the fact that there are millions of people out there who get their information from regularly reading blogs. so guess who got invitied to attend some of the shows for spring/summer 2009??? well hallelujah because they chose me!!! at first i thought that it was all expense paid, but i just found out that i would have to fly myself there and provide my own accommodation so that poses to be a ginormous problem. see as much as i'm dying dying dying to go and finally set foot in europe i only have three weeks paid vacation and me and my family planned on going back to the philippines in november to visit family. i haven't been back in ten years and my grandfather is already pushing one hundred years old and i want to see him before he passes on. and i would need the whole three weeks because anything shorter is just not enough time to go back to a place i grew up and haven't seen in a decade. so dillema dillema. i asked him if it would be possible to attend fall/winter 2009 instead so now all i have to do is wait for his response. i would go to church and light a candle if he says yes. please please god let him say yes.


Anonymous said...

Can I take your place ?

Bobble Bee said...

im sure if they said yes they will again, they love you! that's what matters :) congrats.