Monday, January 28, 2008

top shop and the new generation

everyone and their mother seems to have had a collaboration with a high end fashion brand lately. experiencing first hand the madness of three hundred pound forty year old suburbian mothers waiting in line at two in the morning to acquire one of the hideously gaudy shit roberto cavalli did for h&m and seeing everything literally torn off the shelves in a matter of minutes (plus a couple of near fistfights between said gargantuan women) its no wonder everyone is hopping on this bandwagon. fortunately top shop enlists british up-and coming designers to do a collection for them and once that collection sells out the story doesn't just end there. they actually support the talented new comers by helping fund those designers' collections through its new generation program. good thing for top shop that jonathan saunders and louise goldin are fuckin really good designers and they managed to produce a collection that is affordable but at the same time retained all the signatures they are starting to be known for and not to mention fuckin terrific. saunders' graphic colour blocking and prints are still there, as is goldin's individual take on knitwear. hopefully h&m takes notice and realize that it might be a good thing for them to not play it too safe with designers who are more established and well known. but i have a feeling that next year they'll fucking get someone really retarded and gay. like michael kors. yuck. although i'm pretty sure more fat suburbian moms would be waiting in line for that one.

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