Tuesday, January 22, 2008

closet immigrant

lately my best friend and i have been complaining that toronto shopping is dreadfully boring and there is never ever ever anything to find here (even though i must admit that there are quite a lot of torontonians who's got massive steez). so with all these boys and girls running around this city looking all dope and shit, i wonder how much better torontonians can look if we only had access to some really good clothes. and i know that you can find a lot of really good shit on the internet but alas, my credit is shot to death and i'm pretty sure that a lot of my friends are in the same boat. and as much as i fantasize about moving to europe for the salvation and better future of my wardrobe, thats not very realistic. but that still didn't stop me from going to all these on-line shops pretending i was a baller and imagining spending money like i was jay-z.

a-z collection cape/pea coat

siv stodal pixel print cardigan

tsumori chisato cut-off t-shirt

dior homme khaki coloured jeans

camera necklace (no clue who this is from), swear london pointy slip ons

ann demeulemeester sack

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