Thursday, January 10, 2008

rad hourani

rad hourani - spring/summer 2008

i'm not a very big fan of the canadian fashion scene because i don't think that the designer's creative vision is nurtured enough here. most of the stuff that gets a lot of media attention in canada i find are just uninspired knock-offs of more established european and american designers. to put it bluntly, the canadian fashion industry sucks. therefore i'm not suprised that canadian designers who have an abundance of talent and an individual point of view decides to show in london like erdem and todd lynn, or new york which is the case for jeremy laing. now another canadian designer by way of montreal has presented a debut collection in paris that was a resounding success. rad hourani is a former stylist who two years ago left montreal to start his very own fashion house. his vision is very much in the vein of the new designers who grew up under the massive influence of hedi slimane. his clothes are unisex which provides an obvious androgyny when worn by either sexes. and like slimane or raf simons, hourani's approach to fashion is a cleanliness in design but with complex detailing such as draping and inventive panneling and of course done in black. with his debut show, the collection earned hourani a top ten spot on's influencial "ones to watch" list and has become one of the brightest ambassadors for canadian fashion.

p.s. now for some eye candy desert...a few videos featuring some of canada's dopest models by rad hourani.

meghan collison

julia dunstall

johanna stickland

heather marks

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