Saturday, January 24, 2009

veronique branquinho - autumn/winter 2009

there has always been a quiet, and determined integrity in branquinho's vision. it never screams for attention, but with its cerebral nature manages to fill an entire room. while her work has been largely criticized for being somewhat too heavy in its intellectual execution and process, her work is not that far off from fellow belgian, and universally lauded designer martin margiela. branquinho too possesses the talent to brilliantly re-interpret old classics by giving it a twist that is both humorous, and slightly eccentric. with layered lapels that adds a graphic outline to an otherwise classic navy blazer, or a standard pinstripe version where the neck tie is suspended from either side the lapel and worn over a quilted vest. branquinho injects little details like these into her designs that lifts it away from banality into an understated elegance that with its almost austerity becomes commanding in a non aggressive way. a little too subtle for some maybe, but sometimes all you need is a small voice to perfectly elucidate your point.


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