Saturday, January 24, 2009

number (n)ine - autumn/winter 2009

the banality of western ideologies on the purpose of dressing is a concept that the great japanese designers of the past has always taken into consideration. in the new millennium, designer takahiro miyashita has expanded on that idea and referenced the most ambiguous corners of society as the reference point to amalgamate the east with the west. using experiences "trapped" within the borders of the american wilderness, miyashita manipulated the scenery of alaska that he was forced to be secluded by into a collection that brimmed with references that was able to translate into a commercial endeavor. and that catalyst was his hotel room. and with that came the brocade, tassels, buttons, and blinds that was his companion during his experience at the room he became acquainted with. while those references could be interpreted in a straightforward manner by most designers, the japananese has a knack of compounding those ideas with their own flat-centric approach to design and anarchistic interpretation of western ideals into something that compounds a simplistic eastern sensibility with a western display of opulence. the dandy-fied touch of dressing with the spirit of eccentricism and grandeur tinged with an american insecurity provides one of the most introspective presentation we've seen all week. it was as if jack london ventured into the wild to meditate on the savage nature of the wilderness in really well made clothes. where clothes were layered upon each other in a nomadic sense to protect the wearer from the frigid northern winter. a far fetched idea perhaps, but one that can only be coherent on a stage as broad as paris through the eyes of an outsider looking in.


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