Wednesday, May 21, 2008

shoulda' known bettah

a couple of posts ago i lamented about the direction the (less)popular television show fashion file was headed towards. but after having a discussion by someone who actually works for the company i've realized what i've kinda speculated all along. just like most media that is handled today where popular opinion sways opposed to intellectual propriety, the show has ended up at the same boat. could i really blame this new direction when popular culture right now is so based on celebrity culture that even old fashion institutions such as american vogue, or harper's bazaar have devoted the past few years to put actors and reality t.v. stars as the face of their monthly publication. what was reserved to models and fashion entities is now devoted to media persons using the magazine as a vehicle to promote their new endeavors by being on the cover. although i still think that mainella isn't as equipped as tim blanks in the realm of fashion history or criticism, maybe he actually isn't that horrible. just like most public figures today, he could merely be a puppet pulled by strings by the powers that be that owns and produces fashion file. besides to jump on the bandwagon this late on the game has resulted in alienating the ones who reserved half an hour each week for the show and they can't possibly attract new viewers since the stupid half of the population have been watching entertainment tonight and reading the national enquirer for the past few years. ten years ago fashion file had the perfect ingredient of balancing the uber seriousness of CNN's style with elsa klensch with the annoying, trying too hard approach of jeanne becker. i personally learned a lot by following tim blanks and his analytical observation of the fashion world. with him gone, i kinda feel sorry for the generation that have vapid things to listen to.

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