Tuesday, May 27, 2008

dancing with demi-gods

holy shit. its only tuesday and these dudes make me want to go ape shit like its a friday long weekend. yes i know this album has been out for a couple of months but since i lost my i-pod (tears) and my mac crashed on me (more tears), i've been living in music limbo. you know how depressing it is going to work and all u hear is the same shit over and over again. although i must say i kinda enjoy the r n' b i usually won't listen or admit to listening to. k fine i admit liking keyshia cole's "let you go", it's brings out the high school in me. but back to topic, yeah, these cats are swinging by my area code in a couple of weeks. its only a dj set but i might have to bring a towel cause i'mma go happy feet like a penguin all up on that dancefloor.

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