Sunday, May 11, 2008

pump the jam

dazed and confused: may 2008
photographer: laurence passera
stylist: nicola formichetti
model: kevin (dancer)

i'm a big fan of nicola formichetti and i love the movement in this series. and i actually like how the guy they used actually looks like a model. so this dude is a tecktonick dancer from france. for those of you who don't know, tecktonick is kinda like the french version of the soulja boy dance here on our side of the atlantic. but a million times gayer. if i could describe the dance it reminds me of the footwork from breakheads and junglists back in the day mixed in with vogueing. it's pretty ridonkculous and entertaining to watch but i'm not sure if the popularity of this dance will spill over stateside. in my opinion its the last breath of the whole nu rave thing that swept across europe a couple of years ago. i'm also pretty biased...i don't think any dance is better than krumping. if you've ever seen david lachapelle's documentary "rize", then you'll know exactly what i mean. what you're about to see below is from one of the dopest talents every to come out of france, yelle, and her insanely bonkers video "a cause des garcons".

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Adge said...

That was a really cool video. I didn't even mind the mullets. I loved the dancing, it was like some weird but wonderful hybrid of krumping and voguing.