Sunday, May 18, 2008

the revolution will not be televised

there is this idea running amok these days that fashion is an institution for those who are unlearned and superficial. five years ago the fashion community had a beacon in the form of tim blanks to articulate ideas of fashion and merge the intellectual with the commercial. these days however, since blanks left his position as host of fashion file, one of the loudest voice to represent high fashion to mass media has fallen on unequipped hands. popular culture has already segregated the fashion community into the realm of circuit house, and queer eye for the straight guy mentality. granted that fashion is populated with men who are curved rather than straight as an arrow, it wouldn't have hurt if the business was publicly represented in a form of a weekly television show by a man who can balance popular culture by having something intelligent to say. to watch an episode of fashion file today hosted by adrien mainella is like watching a super gay version of access hollywood. would tim blanks have devoted a whole segment to kiera knightley's red carpet history? would he have even thought that celebrities are worth mentioning or even be a topic worth devoting five mintutes to? and would someone as intelligent as tim blanks actually rank a d-squared collection as one of the top five collections of the season? i don't know about you, but for me fashion is always going to be a reflection of ideas bubbling in the collective cauldron of consciousness. something that executes the ideas of people subversively. this is how i see it, tim blanks is the ghesquiere and mainella is the heatherette. good for show, but totally missing in substance. and just like heatherette, i hope mainella goes bankrupt soon so that he can get replaced with someone worthy of carrying tim blanks' legacy so that he/she can continue to inspire all the future nicholas formichettis and carine roitfelds in the world.


Adge said...

Sooo true. And consequently so sad.

roybot said...

adge....i want to thank you personally for taking the time to read my blog. i actually read yours pretty often too and yes, you are actually quite awesome.

Adge said...

Awww! Thanks.