Sunday, May 25, 2008

dry season

w magazine: june 2008
photographer: craig mcdean
creative director: alex white
models: abbey lee, elsa sylvan, heidi mount

w magazine is hit or miss. certain months the editorials are amazing, and the following month could be so boring its like watching an episode of corner gas. this month however kinda threw me off because this fucking editorial is so bonkers but its basically the only one. well there is one with charleze theron but she also bores the living shit outta me so we won't even bother talking about her. i like her better looking like a monster than just another hollywood blonde. but whatevs. i ranked abbey lee as the number one new comer for fall/winter 2008 and i'm glad to see she's living up to that position. she looks pretty fucking rad in these set of pics. and i love the whole mad max/blade runner vibe running through the shoot. and i'll be honest and say that i never paid that much attention to elsa and heidi, but i think after this i'm going to have to add an asterisk beside their name on my mental directory of models. i'm really tempted to buy this issue because these pictures are amazing and its only like five bucks but, i think i'll just wait a few months from now when i can buy it at a used magazine store for a dollar.


Anonymous said...

your blog has become my favourite to read. i check it everyday!!! more editorials for elsa i say.

roybot said...

thanks anonymous!! that means a lot and i appreciate you taking the time to post so much. and yes, more elsa!!

Ryan said...

I've been bemoaning the craptastic boring spreads that seemed to dominate every fashion rag over the last few months... until I saw this one. While nothing ground breaking, it's the first time in a while that I've actually found myself picking up a magazine more then once to look at it again. All the elements fell into place to give us a little breath of fresh air.

I'm newer to the blog, but share anons sentiment. Keep up the insightful posts!

roybot said...

thanks for posting ryan. i checked out your pictures and i loved loved loved the pictures on your personal section. i dig how you photograph architectural elements. that was so good.