Tuesday, September 15, 2009

rad hourani - spring/summer 2010

rad hourani's singular vision continues with his most recent collection. his aesthetic is so defined and it evolves with such subtlety that you would think he would be constantly criticized for being redundant. he escapes this criticism mainly because his point of view is so individual that it never becomes tiresome. no one else does what he does. it is a melange of sci-fi and goth references that he is able to translate into a new form of urban minimalism that manages to hit a zeitgeist that defines a contemporary climate. continuing with his experimentation with volume with his previous collection, this season it evolved into a cape. fabrics that billowed out from the back against hourani's trademark narrow silhouette with flashes of silver courtesy of metallic straps and zippers that injected the collection with that subtle newness one can expect of hourani season after season. the positive reaction to this collection and his recently launched secondary line "rad by rad hourani", which will undoubtedly acquire him even more devout followers, hourani is quietly evolving into a brand that is proof that one can still succeed in this industry without compromising their vision. and with new york's lackluster show season, at least there are still some designers showing at the big apple still worth getting excited about.

photo: elle.com

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