Sunday, September 13, 2009

ohne titel - spring/summer 2010

since launching ohne titel almost three years ago, designers flora gill and alexa adams has since established the new york based label as a brand that can stand on its own creatively, and technically in the international market. while american sportswear can often suffer from too much commercial consideration, gill and adams are part of a new generation of american designers such as the mulleavy sisters of rodarte, that can harmonize conceptual ideas without sacrificing the essence of american design, practicality. inspired by ancient egyptian wall paintings, the designers found a perfect launchpad to demonstrate their highly adept way with experimental tailoring. the way the garments wrapped and draped around the body elicited images of mummy wrappings. heightened even more so by the prints that seemed to follow the figures natural curves. they also continued their fascination with textures. best exemplified by body con dresses in white with shots of red and azure blues in highly texturized fabrics. there are few designers showing in new york that has an extremely pronounced identity. even more so for a brand as young as ohne titel, but what gill and adams have managed to accomplish in such a short period of time reminds the world that there is still a spark of hope that can once again ignite new york's reputation as a fashion capital that is capable of delivering creative ideas, and commercial success.


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