Monday, September 21, 2009

mark fast - spring/summer 2010

egyptian silent film epics and erin brokovich? these were the two things that mark fast claimed to have inspired his most recent collection. disparate as those two references are it still produced a collection stamped with fast's trademark cobweb like knits that continues to display fast's ability to fully exploit the flexibility of knitwear. his signature body con dresses came as usual, short and tight but instead of just showing it on traditional size 2 models, he also cast three larger size women to walk down the runway. an act that is rumored to have made his stylist so irate that he quit. an event that has gotten a lot of attention and has in a certain degree overshadowed this brilliant collection which saw fast adding new elements to his expanding repetoire. dresses and skirts were finished with feathery fringe and cascading ruffles added an unexpected girlish femininity and playfulness to his sexually potent peekaboo dresses that manages to finely thread the line of good/bad taste. now that he has proven that he can add new elements to his work it would be interesting to see how he can continue to move into that direction and hopefully not fall into the trap of being a one trick pony.


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