Thursday, August 27, 2009

antony gormley - total strangers (1997)

its been a while since i posted anything remotely attached to the art world. while i did study art in college and focused on it all throughout high school, i must admit that my contemporary art sensitivity has been extremely, how do i say it, rather pathetic. i haven't even been to the AGO since frank gehry renovated it. since i'm on vacation and too poor to actually go anywhere all i've been doing is cleaning like a maniac and surfing the digital wave. so i just happen to randomly click on an art link from someone's blog and was wowed by british sculptor antony gormley's work. i ain't gonna lie i'm pretty old school when it comes to my taste in art. i find most art instillation dull and boring, and quite honestly pretentious but i love it when it uses the space to engage the viewer. and this is exactly what total strangers does. not only does it use the confines of the gallery, but to take it beyond the walls into the real world is fuckin bonkers. its such a simple thing, but then you begin to think that in the extremely fast pased world we live in where we cross paths with gajillions of people, it comes to a point where those strangers are no different from a faceless, lifeless, bronze sculpture. i pretty much have tunnel vision when i'm walking down the street, today i went out, went for a walk, ran some errands, had pho by myself and i took the time to look at the people around me.

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