Tuesday, August 4, 2009

my spring/summer 2009 collection

yeah i know i don't blog as much as i used to but try living in canada where winters are brutal, daylight savings time equals 5:30 pm sunsets, windchill factors, a million layers of clothes, so much hassle actually that you couldn't be arsed to go out. hence the spike of bloggin activity between the months of november and february. and then march rolls around and your seasonal affective disorder miraculously vanishes, the temperature finally starts to hover over five degrees celsius and suddenly all you want is to be is outside. and by outside i mean the park. where else can you spend countless hours with your best mates drinking two dollar tall cans from the beer store all for under ten dollars!!! and be proper knackered at the end?? i'm not gonna lie i do sob like a baby when the leaves at the park start turning orange. its the gloomiest harbinger of the unavoidable that is to come. but for now i'm enjoying the sun (the little bit of it we're getting because its raining every other day here), enjoying the company of my besties, having an excuse the dress like a slut because its hot out, and always up to carry the party on because i can walk everywhere since my toes aren't about to fall off. oh summer, you never fail to lift my spirits up. although as a consequence i have been perpetually bloated the past couple of months because of the insane amount of lager in my stomach. but its well worth it yeah.
the last two pictures below aren't from the summer. it was actually from the winter time. summer might be my favorite time of the year, but last winter gave me two of my favorite memories of the year. they were these two lads from durham in northern england. they became really good friends and i still feel gutted everytime i think of them. but they're family now and who knows, maybe if i actually save some money i can go visit them next year. but there you have it. a little corny snippet of my life. hope you guys are having as awesome a summer as i am. peace out!!