Tuesday, August 11, 2009


an adequate name for a brand who amidst a sea of generic and mass marketed creations, design duo hervé and alice presents a collection that manages to thread confidently between an avant garde sensibility and real world practicality and offer a respite from all the blandness that pollutes today's fashion industry. as the label's name suggest, heal is able to mend the lack of confidence many fashion followers have on the current state of the fashion. while many can admire and be immensely inspired by the most outré designers, heal is a perfect example of how to apply directional ideas into clothes that can still be sensible without any hint of banality. a dress decorated with a giant crawfish that seems to embrace the woman's body gives a clue as to what their fall/winter 2009 collection is about. like the shellfish's exposed exoskeleton, the designers have created creations that mimics the reticulation of the animal in the way they have pleated, piped, paneled the clothes or how the cut-outs followed the natural lines of the body. simple design details that achieves maximum results and allows the viewer to fully comprehend the designers' vision. giving the clothes a type of symbiotic relationship with the wearer that gives it life and in turn turns the girl into the hottest babe in the room.


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