Monday, November 10, 2008

ginger snaps

only about two percent of the entire 6.6 billion humans populating the whole planet has red hair. and if you consider that the same percentage could be used to estimate the amount of people in the world who is blessed with model worthy genetics, i guess you can say that flame haired models are the rarest breed of beautiful humans on earth. i love ginger headed models. i usually tend to favor models that aren't stereotypically beautiful, and there's something i really dig about how that fiery set of hair is set against the palest alabaster skin. and plus some of them comes sprinkled with freckles which i think is always cute. but you put any of those models in front of a camera or down a runway and you cant take your eyes off them. red haired models are few and far between. i guess linda evangelista was the first one who gained so much attention when she dyed her locks in what she called "fifties red" in the early nineties. followed by avant garde favorite sybill buck with her manic panic dyed tresses and pierced septum. and it wouldn't be until a couple of years later with karen elson landing on the cover of italian vogue that a red head (a real one this time) would capture the imagination of the fashion world. nowadays red heads are still not as common. especially in today's climate when basically every model is blonde haired, blue eyed, and eastern european, or at least eastern european looking (ergo..boring). but thanks to new comers like elise, the return of sunniva, and the phenomenal success of lily cole, the red head brigade is being maintained and well represented in the modelling world. plus there are some ginger head boys out there making noise too. especially one of my new favorites. sixteen year old danish model lasse pedersen who was everywhere during fashion week and seems to be in every magazine i pick up. there has been this long standing rumour that in a couple of hundred years red heads would become extinct. but we can all breath a sigh of relief because that information has been proven false and red heads and all their hotness is going to be around for a long long time.

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Mark Allen said...

My wife is a red head so we started a web site just for red heads. We cannot get enough of RED Heads.