Sunday, November 16, 2008

eric lebon

while hip hop fashion in america basically consists of guys wearing clothes a million times too big for them and usually from a clothing label "designed" by a rapper, paris based designer eric lebon makes hip hop, and urban inspired fashion that hands down, trumps every single urban clothing line out there. these might not be the kinda duds fiddy cent or lil' wayne might be rockin', but the influence of urban culture in lebon's clothes are so apparent but without the lameness of generic hip hop attire. you won't see oversized logo's or cheap fabrics in his clothes. him being french whose steelo is a gajillion times better than us sad north americans, he has the ability use urban culture as a point of reference and materialize them into clothes that doesn't lose the look of its influence, but is also not inclusive to it. his clothes transcends beyond urban fashion because there is a sophistication and intelligence behind it. any one can appreciate these clothes. especially to the growing market of young males that are more style conscious and who has grown up exposed to the popularity of urban culture. if kids today can wear eric lebon instead of rocca wear, my eyes would be so much happier.

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