Saturday, November 8, 2008

damir doma - spring/summer 2009

we all know that not all the fashion shows from the dozens of fashion weeks around the world make it to the usual suspects like,, or even firstview. its usually younger, more independent designers who even though are more courageous in their approach to design, are the ones who ends up left out off the powerful internet machine that could give them the exposure they so desperately need. which is quite tragic considering with the money all the power labels have to shell out on advertising campaigns that ends up on magazines, billboards, subway stations, and television, you would think that the people high up on the fashion journalism ladder would devote a little more time on the future of the industry. luckily there are some websites out there that devotes their site to designers who warrants some attention. like totem. who i religiously check on for updates to give me a heads up on up and coming designers, or designers who like veronique branquinho, raf simons, or walter van beirendonck who have been in the business for years but still vehemently stays true to their own voice. croatian born designer damir doma is one of the few young designers profiled on totem. after studying fashion in germany, doma relocated to antwerp where he landed a job working for raf simons who instilled in doma an avant garde sensibility based on youth executed through meticulous and refined technique. while simons' work tends to by hyper exaggerated through his tailoring, doma's approach is lighter. preferring to work with draping and layering sheered fabrics to produce a look that is becoming totally identifiably all his own.

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