Thursday, April 3, 2008

rei loves roy

holy fuck!! so i just found out that after the atrocity which was roberto cavalli for h&m, the swedish company managed to not only redeem themselves, but took the trophy for the dopest, bat craziest high street collaboration ever by teaming up with one of the most influential voices of the past half century, the orignal queen of deconstruction, rei kawakubo herself. when my manager told me the most exciting news of 2008, i was high up on the ladder putting ceiling signs up and i honestly almost fell off with excitement. the collection comes out in november just in time for the opening of h&m's first store in the land of the rising sun. i'm actually really looking forward to see how all the really well dressed japanese kids will wear the clothes, because i should know more than most how bad, how really really really bad some people here in the great white north wear h&m. fuck christmas and the spirit of giving. i'm gonna apologize in advance for not buying anyone gifts because i will buy each and every single thing from this collection.

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