Friday, April 11, 2008

and the oscar for best actress goes to......

alexander mcqueen - spring/summer 2001
remember the days when all the top girls used to method-model their way up and down during mcqueen or galliano's shows. when every gesture they made kept on injecting more and more life into the clothes. who could forget shalom's battle with the robots being sprayed with paint as she was twirled around and around. now the runways are filled with vacant looking girls walking blankly up and down runways that you can't even tell apart from the other three dozen shows. its weird how it was during the minimalist nineties that fashion shows that verged on a full on theatrical production flourished, and in the thousands, shows has been sucked dry from all its soul. i mean yes alexander and john can still provide the occasional fashion moment, but its not the same when there are no shaloms, or kates to play the starring role.

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