Sunday, April 13, 2008

boris bidjan saberi - spring/summer 2008

let's be honest, for some of us, regardless if its summer or not and the weather can be thirty degrees celsius and feels like fourty degrees with the humidex, black still dominates our closets. judging from the looks of his spring/summer show, the same can be said for designer boris bidjan saberi. for his spring/summer collection he showed in barcelona in july last year, saberi showed an all black collection made of loose knits and airy fabrics. the choice of fabrication saberi used gave the collection, despite it's severe colour palette, a light hand that made it a viable summer option. the use of layering of net like knits on top and across each other gave the clothes a unique sense of texture and shape that reminded me of what hussein chalayan used to do when he designed for the house of tse a few years ago. in saberi's hand however, there was an apocalyptic edge to the clothes that gave it more of a japanese aesthetic combined with a renegade streetwear sensibility that has been rapidly gaining popularity and relativity in the world of high fashion. saberi is a young designer who shares a similar vision and approach with other young, avant garde contemporary menswear designers. it'll be interesting to see how he can find his own voice and evolve in the sea of tight, gothic, and androgynous menswear collections.

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