Thursday, July 3, 2008

super gay, super messed up

apologies for taking some time off. but like i said it was gay christmas and roybot was out and about funneling beers, and getting into heaps and heaps of trouble. not all the pictures you are about to see are from pride weekend. many of them were from days that lead to the general mayhem of the weekend that just passed. and i'm sorry to say that all the late nights did catch up to your hommie because last monday i was starting to get a wicked sore throat and by tuesday i sounded like mariannne faithful. after leaving work early yesterday i opted to take this day off and just relax and drink as much orange juice as i can. eventually i'll start talking about the couture shows that just passed, but i still have to catch up on the menswear shows so bear with me.

well there you have it. your first glimpse at my face. at first i was kinda hesitant about showing my face on here cause you know, i don't want to be one of those blogs that just talks about me and take pictures of my outfits cause as you can clearly tell, i'm not wearing comme des garcons or balenciaga. but i also just don't always want to talk about clothes because there are more important things in the world. like being out with your friends and having a laugh and enjoying the fact that old queens who had their sexuality suppressed for so long, can now have an excuse to bust out of their homes in nothing but leather assless chaps and dance on the streets to the gayest house music in the universe. fashion is great and all, but its worth nothing when you don't have fun things to do with people you love to wear it out to.


Bobble Bee said...

you don't wear comme des garçons or balenciaga cause you're cooler than that! and there's not cynicism in my comment. you don't need to brag on clothing to kick ass! ^_+

Anonymous said...

which one are you, in the dress or villa flannel? xo lilyd

roybot said...

the flannel. although i have killer legs that i'm sure would look awesome with the dress.

p.s. lilyd? as in lily donaldson? cause if you are i love you (in a gay way).