Wednesday, July 16, 2008

patrick petitjean

i loooooooooove boys who kinda look homeless but smells really good and patrick petitjean is in my opinion the textbook example of that. not that i've personally experience a whiff of his scent or anything, but he's a model so he has to have good hygiene. hands down his scruffy, fuzzy beard is the hottest thing ever. its not like he doesn't look amazing clean shaven, but i like gnarly beards. and if his face isn't hot enough, his lifestyle definitely is. the man lives in the mountains in the pyranese and he doesn't even have a fucking phone (which i love because i am also one of the last breeds of humanity that doesn't have a cellphone). so basically his agency can't get a hold of him when a client wants to book him but he's so amazing that people would wait just to work with him. lately i've been diggin older looking dudes because boys today all look alike and they have no character. well the hotness that is patrick petitjean is overflowing with character. i hate the outdoors and shit, but i would fucking sleep in a tent on the floor in the mountains if only for a chance to spoon with him.

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Adge said...

I absolutely love him! one of my favorite models out there right now. Plus his beard is a thing of a beauty.