Thursday, July 3, 2008

anne valerie hash - haute couture fall/winter 2008

anne valerie hash once said that the meaning of couture to her isn't found on the fantasy and decorative touches that is so closely associated to the dying art but to the cut. for her the idea of couture is in the aim to perfectly construct a garment using the highest level of technique and ingenuity. that is perhaps the most modern way of preserving the art and moving it forward in these modern times. without any distractions of elaborate embroidery and costume-y melodrama, the strength of hash and her dedication to cut becomes extremely self evident. there is a purity to her designs that emotes the dedication of the young designer with her craft. for her most recent couture collection, hash took inspiration from the gentle folds of orchids. she draped and folded fabrics in a way that was reminiscent to the rare and beautiful flowers she drew inspiration from. the petals of the flower was translated into folds that draped sinuously around the neckline or twisted around the body like soft origami folds. the labellum or the lip of the orchid can be translated as lapels of an immaculately cut blazer in silk shantung anchored by metal pieces that resembled some of the more alien parts of the flower. there is a new breed of haute couture designers currently working their magic in paris. steadfastly defending and transforming the art of couture into something more palpable to a modern clientel. anne valerie hash is one of the new breed of designers that is capable of extending the life of the cornerstone of fashion.


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