Monday, December 8, 2008

ash stymest

a couple of the weeks ago i was at my internship and we got into talking about male models and everyone else at the agency absolutely loves matt loewen and i on the other hand when questioned who my current favorites were i replied by saying something like "um i actually like the really young boys like lasse pedersen and ash stymest (16 and 17 years old respectively)". and then i suddenly realized that i sounded like a pervy old man i quickly added "but matthew avedon is my all time fave", which by the way is the truth. but i've always preferred models who aren't "classic" models. of course i won't deny the fact that matt loewen's lips are uber delicious looking, but i would rather hang out and drink pints with ash because he seems more fun and i like people who like to get crunk and disorderly. the first time i saw ash on the pages of i-d magazine i knew that this kid was gonna blow up. and next thing you know he landed on the cover of the very first issue of vogues homme japan shot by no other than one of the most influential prophets of current youth culture hedi slimane and styled by uber stylist nicola formichetti. ever since then he's become somewhat of a monthly regular at dazed and confused and even walked for the very first balenciaga menswear show presented with the houses highly influential womenswear line back in september. it hasn't even been a year since ash started working in the industry and he's already landed campaigns for top shop and silas, has built a book other models who's been industry much longer would kill for, and is part of the new breed of male models like josh beech, cole mohr, and luke worral that are embodying the urgency and excitement of being a young man in the dawn of the new century. with him recently landing in new york and its huge market, with girl friend and fellow model eliza right by his side, i'm looking forward to seeing the beautiful results of young love and the big apple will have on him.

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