Monday, March 2, 2009

milan autumn/winter 2009 - prada

undoubtedly one of the most anticipated collection throughout the entire fashion calendar where everyone has been wondering with heightened anticipation as to how one of fashion's most intellectual and renegade minds would respond to the global recession. miuccia prada's response was surprisingly not surprising. as the woman notoriously known for being impossible to predict, her collection with all its aggressive, dark, and slightly primitive references had all the hallmark pradaisms one expects from a prada show, but without the sexual overtones from her last few collections. it was a decidedly stronger collection that was a welcome respite from all the eighties revival that's been rampant in milan, london, and new york. the collection was full of forties references most evident on the coats with wide peaked lapels and nipped in waists. there was an interesting use of fabrics with the way she combines something masculine with something feminine such as a dress with a tweed skirt and the top half made of luxurious mustard coloured velvet. and of course, quirky and charming touches from a stylistic point of view and with her accessories. in short it was a textbook prada collection. prada when its not about the lady-like chic she pioneered many years ago, but the one who ingeniously mixes utilitarianism with an intellectual luxury that never loses its sense of clothes with a purpose. that being said however doesn't imply that this collection did not deliver the same amount of provocation as her previous collections. perhaps because of its obvious response to the economy that her answer becomes even more provoking. for one of fashion's most influential minds, the reply that in these times women need to confront the reality in an aggressive manner as oppose to reliving the excess of the happier pasts is a profound response to what other designers are doing. prada is after all one that is focused on reality and the ever changing needs of modernity. this collection is for the woman who is not looking at the world through rose tinted glasses. she knows that these are dark times and rather than escape it, she puts her game face on and tackles the challenges head on.


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