Tuesday, February 17, 2009

new york autumn/winter 2009 - jeremy laing

the work of toronto based designer jeremy laing is like the ancient art of japanese origami. just like the complex folds on paper found in origami, laing produces the same delicate lines on fabric. and just like origami, there is a serene, almost meditative quality in the blissful purity of his lines. the way that laing has manipulated fabric to bend into his will, whether it be through draping or folding has been a signature the young designer has been confidently developing throughout his short career. ever since deciding to show his signature line in new york city, laing has been one of the few young designers showing in new york that has mastered the ability to evolve organically. there is no sense that the designer is in a rush to catch up on seasonal trends. his collections have a sense of continuation and expanding on ideas presented as recently as last season, or a few seasons before. he continued his exploration of soft, subtle layering from his previous collection but he also touched on his experimentation with prints. something that laing is surprisingly becoming well adept at. the last time he played so freely with prints he kept the shapes simple so as not to detract from the visual interest of the pattern. this time however he utilized prints to enhance the soft, airy quality that has become synonymous with his work. his designs always feel like a caress that envelops the woman. its never suffocating or demanding. and it is that gentle touch that makes laing a breath of fresh air in an industry full of redundant young designers.

photo: style.com

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