Saturday, January 16, 2010


maybe i have fashion attention deficit disorder and i'm just too zealous to see new things from designers, but why do i like the pre-fall collection from the five houses above loads more than the main collection shown three months ago? i mean pre-fall and resort collections aren't exactly laboratories of ideas. they're meant to be straightforward whose main objective is to be commercial. there aren't complex reference points that would put these clothes in a trajectory that some will describe as "directional" (those balenciaga harem/track pant hybrid is of course an exception). yet it could be because it isn't weighed down by such things as narratives or themes that allows the designers a certain sense of freedom that it gives them liberty to make simple, beautiful garments that in many ways gives them a certain of longevity because it isn't likely to be as overexposed as some items from the main seasonal collections. and in this economic downturn, shopping pre-fall and resort seems like the most sensible option.


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Jan said...

because theyre way better! :P