Monday, January 4, 2010


at first i initially made a list of the collections that had the most impact and the ones that really shaped the decade, but as i was forming that list i felt that a lot of the collections that i myself personally loved was going to have to make room for the ones i really didn't have as much affinity for. so i thought to myself the hell with it. its not like i'm suzy menkes anyways. my opinions about fashion are just that, mine. it has no value or influence in the real world only to me. so here are the fifteen collections that really pulled at my heart strings and the ones that have directly formed my opinion on what fashion is and the one whose influence are reflected in my closet that i am staring at right now. mind you my closet is a very very very cheap imitation of the clothes shown above. i don't have jay-z money and my magazine collection probably costs three times more than my entire wardrobe. ok i'm exaggerating but i'm pretty sure that rochas dress from fall/winter 2003 is worth more than every single thing in my bedroom combined.

p.s. i tried to be somewhat diplomatic and not have one designer on the list twice or three times, otherwise a third of the list would've been taken up by prada, balenciaga or dior couture. the ones above are my favorite collections of the decade by said designers. peace out!

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