Monday, July 16, 2007

sophia kokosalaki

in an age of celebrity designers who are as famous as the guests who sits in the front row of their shows, there are those who are quietly perfecting their craft while being critically acclaimed for their extremely gifted technical abilities. these aren't designers who you would see holding hand in hand with movie stars because for these designers, their work and the perfection of their craft is at the utmost importance. one of these designers is sophia kokosalaki. apart from chado ralph rucci, there is hardly anyone else who surpasses kokosalaki's technical mastery of dressmaking. although the majority have never heard of her name, her reputation within the fashion community is so renowned that for the 2004 summer olympics in her homeland of greece, she dressed bjork in a lavish origami gown that when unfolded revealed a map of the entire world that was seen by countless millions of people. her trademark goddess dresses with the beautiful drapping and pleating are the punctuation marks to her growing business and influence. with diesel head honcho renzo rosso financially backing the brand and her recent appointment to the legendary house of vionnet, the designer who's ingenuity and supreme technical superiority is of legendary status, the time for kokosalaki is close at hand.

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