Monday, May 18, 2009

bad blogger

i know i know i know its been almost a month since i last put something on here. i've just been hella busy and i'm still photoshop less. i keep getting this error message everytime i try to set up so i've basically given up on even attempting. i just really don't want to take it to a computer guy to see why my laptop is being stupid cause i am broke as a joke. i've also been super busy doing a whole bunch of stuff. i got to interview a designer that many of you might know but i can't really say who it is because i don't know if i'm allowed to since it hasn't been published yet.
i've also been helping my homegirl out with her collection. she basically does all the sewing and i act as the creative director. but not really since it's totally symbiotic and i love having pow wows for ideas. which we actually did yesterday when she got to meet the photographer for the first time who i've only met once. but like every broke youngins trying to get into the fashion game here in toronto, we're all working for free for those holy prints we can all share and put in our own respective books. it's pretty rad actually. there's this dope sense of a little grassroots community where everyone is hungry and passionate and excited. we're going to be shooting the look book in a couple of months. hopefully it doesn't take me that long to actually put something here. but yeah, i'm alive. just super busy or super lazy. hope you guys are well and how stoked are you that summer is fucking finally almost here!!

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shawna said...

i love you roybot!