Monday, December 17, 2007


this editorial for v magazine's 50th issue photographed by david sims and style by joe mckenna is most definately in my top five shoots for the entire year, actually, make that top three. and to be honest, i was never really a big fan of model raquel zimmerman because quite frankly, i found her to be quite boring looking. but after this i've basically become converted and i will not argue with for putting her on the top slot ahead of sasha (who is my personal editorial fave). plus one of my other favorite models right now cole is also cast perfectly for this story. he does have that elfish look about him in a non lord of the rings legolas kinda way. i sacrificed good lunch that day to buy that magazine, but luckily it was whopper wednesday at burger king so it all worked out.

V magazine 50th issue
photography: david sims
creative director: joe mckenna
models: raquel zimmerman, cole mohr

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