Tuesday, December 18, 2007

medieval versace

so after posting that spread on v magazine based on sorcery and withcraft i realized that although highly original and executed fucking brilliantly, i couldn't help but knack the feeling that i've seen something based on the same theme a while back. so after going through the gajillion folders of archives of fashion spreads and ads on the computer at my parents house (which is where i am because i got snowed in by that massive snow storm last weekend; the plows usually take longer to clear roads in this god forsaken suburb), i came across the versace ad campaign for fall/winter 98-99 and there it was. i'm usually not a fan of the versace ad campaigns because it's a bit too footballer's wife for me and sometimes verges too much on the marciano and bebe territory. but here it had a concept far beyond just showing clothes, the models were cast perfectly and versace's trademark metal mesh fabric suits the medieval concept of the story. granted that this approach to the versace brand isn't the most conducive to the house's identity, it still nevertheless a kick ass campaign.

VERSACE fall/winter 1998-1999
photographer: steve meisel
models: guinevere van seenus, audrey marnay, sunniva sontag, carolyn murphy, jade parfit, maggie rizer

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